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Recovery Agent Gear started in 2008 during a rough time in our economy's history but a busy time for the repossession industry. It was during this time that we felt there was a big cloud over the industry and it's lack of professionalism. The need for the Repo Man to have identification and an increased awareness of safety and professionalism was overwhelming. Recovery Agent Gear met the challenge to provide apparel at an affordable price while giving it's clients and customers the gear to get the job done safely. Recovery Agent Gear is the original apparel and accessories web site dedicated to the Repo Man. 

Comments from our customers and friends


Dave from Texas - Your Gear is AWESOME! My team looks great and we get respect!


Mike from Florida - Had my Agent shirt on and the debtor handed me the keys.


Jim from PA. - Great products at great prices and fast shipping too!

Dave Johns Jr Just another Reason why your gear works!! was doing a Repo from a Walmart when all hell Broke lose..when PD arrived on scene they know exactly who the agent was and even after the officers said they wished all Repo guys wore something to identify them ( I have a set of your recovery agent patches on my bullet proof vest)

Thanks Again For Your Awesome Gear!!! and yes, OF-COURSE I GOT THE CAR (=, LOL

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